The Circular Office is an even about Circular Economics — Safe the date Cards Riso printed on Crush Corn, 100% sustainable paper — Social Media visuals — Website visuals (2018)


Vier gedichten / Four Poems is a combination of Riso Com Color print and Riso print with colors Cornflower Blue and Green. This book is printed and bounded at Charles Nypels Lab in collaboration with the Jan van Eyck Academie, Maastricht. (2018)


De Koornbloem in volle bloei — Flyers — Posters — drukwerk (2016)

Deep End was a graduation show of the Masters Photography of KASKA — Flyers (2016)

I Shall Escape By Dawn — information brochure — rise printed with fluor coulors — goal to make it almost unreadable (2017)

Lucas Prize for Sint Lucas School of Arts Antwerp — Flyer — digital print (2015)