Kabinet.studio is a multidisciplinary design studio founded by Freya Clijmans and An Onghena. They studied graphic design at St Lucas collage for art and design and in early 2016 they decided to build a design studio together. Read more about their studio below.


Projects Studio
In the studio we focus on visual communication and graphic design from print to digital. For us it's important to work closely together with our clients in order to gain the best results. With every project our number one goal is to be innovative and open minded.

We are strong believers of meeting in person so don't hesitate to contact us.

Print Studio
We have our own Risoprint Machine: MZ1070E ♥
Risoprint is a technique compared to silkscreen but more mechanical. Just like silkscreen it works with a master sheet. Risoprint is a sustainable technique because it operates with soy based inks and the machine itself is energy - friendly. In our print studio we focus on specialized printed matter.

Currently we are setting up workshops to follow but you are also welcome to come and print with us or you can simply send us your design and we print it for you.