print studio

In 2016 the studio welcomed their Risograph machine. The print studio is completely set up and we are ready to print your work!


Riso printing offers a unique way of printing by transfering a digital file on a master sheet. The ink drum presses ink through the master sheet and your design is printed. Risograph is known for its bright spot color results. It’s totally different from digital printing and has always an original look and feel.

Crazy colors


Printing with RISO is similar to silkscreen, which means you print color by color. Our machine can print 2 colors in one printrun. In that way printing is faster but adding every extra color is always challenging because the paper itselves moves a little and mis-registration can occur. It’s important to keep that in mind by designing your artwork.



Paper types

We only print on 100% recycled paper, carefully picked together with our paper suppliers. We choose this kind of paper in order to work with sustainable materials. The RISO machine runs on soy-based inks and the masters are made from Japanese waxing paper. RISO printing is a ‘cold’ printing process which means it works on low energy.


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Cards for Era Visitas 10 Year Anneversarie

Cards for the Circular Office

Duo color A3 posters for Shamillustration